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Carbon footprint calculator - simple

Carbon footprint calculator - simple

Carbon footprint calculator - simple

Carbon footprint calculator - simple

Carbon footprint calculator - complex

Flight Free - take the pledge for a year (or longer)

Documentaries and reports

39 ways to save the planet (BBC)

Climate Change Committee, 6th Carbon Budget Report

Count Us In

David Attenborough Life on our planet

David Attenborough Extinction the facts

Making Peace with Nature United Nations Environment Programme report, 2021


Local Government

Hovingham & Scackleton Parish Council

North Yorkshire County Council Stronger Communities

Ryedale District Council


Regenerative Organic Agriculture by Patagonia

Time will tell - Dairy farmer Ben Mead, and beef producer Martin Howard. Filmed in Devon and Cornwall

Unbroken Ground: A New Old Way to Grow Food

Why Regenerative Organic? Part 1: Big Agriculture Is Broken

Why Regenerative Organic? Part 2: Soil Is the Solution

Why Regenerative Organic? Part 3: What we're doing (and why)

Energy Efficiency Improvements

National Energy Action (NEA) Action for Warm Homes

National Insulation Association

Groups - UK

Groups - Local

Kirkbymoorside Environment Group

Ryedale Community Charter

Ryedale Environmental Group

Top tips to reduce your carbon footprint

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Reycle & Rot


Repair what you wear

Repair What You Wear for basic sewing repairs and embroidery with step by step videos

Restart project

The Restart Project helps people learn how to repair their broken electronics

Reuse calculator

Reuse calculator to calculate how much carbon you're saving


Sugru for eco friendly fixing favourites and creative repair kits

Wiki restarters

Wiki Restarters shares experiences and skills in mending appliances and gadgets can share them

Renewable Energy

Community Energy England


Speak Carbon (carbon literacy accredited course)